Authentication Failed for Exchange O365 Account

Just joining a new company and want to get eM Client working with new corporate email as already using eM Client for other email accounts. New company is using GoDaddy with an Office 365 account and I believe it is an Exchange email account. I have tried both automatic and manual email setup for this new account and in both cases emails fail to load and eM Client says Server Says “Authentication failed”. I have got Microsoft Outlook from Office 365 downloaded onto the same PC and it is working with this email account, so doesn’t seem to be a user name/password issue, more configuration. Any ideas? I wondered whether there was any config info in Outlook that would help me set up eM Client correctly. Am separately seeing what GoDaddy have to say to see if they know of any issue.

“so doesn’t seem to be a user name/password issue”

Not so sure about that! It would appear you have similar problems with Godaddy that others have had with Yahoo & Outlook (2 Factor Authentication 2FA) when accessing mail from 3rd-party mail clients.

Talk to Godaddy about App Passwords.

I had thought of that angle but haven’t yet enabled 2FA so the option of generating an app specific password wasn’t available from my O365 account login when I looked. But maybe I should enable 2FA now (I intended to eventually) and see if this route works.

Am I correct in saying you are connecting to your mail server via your own private domain. I think that’s what GoDaddy provides - Yes?

In which case you will need a Pro license I believe in order for eMC to support commercial use. If you haven’t maybe that could be the reason for the authentication problems.

Correct - using new company domain.

Good if eMC could confirm that is the issue first though!

You may be better off trying to talk to Godaddy and asking how 3-rd party email clients (eMC) are expected to access the mail-server on your domain.

They may have some restrictions that need addressing and are probably in the best position to put you right.

It shouldn’t be a problem if you can already access your mail via outlook. It probably just needs clarification as to how to do it.

Thanks. I already have a Pro License but I will speak with GoDaddy then.

Ive been experiencing a similar challenge in that it won’t allow me to log in with my Outlook Web App username and password. Does the Pro License resolve the issue?