Attatchment size

Hey there,

I’ve got the problem, that I can’t sent bigger attachments with my Exchange Client. I get an error nearly every time with the Exchange client, but it still works. Just the bigger attachments won’t get sent at all. There is no problem with the Windows 8 Mail-App but that is in most other ways terrible.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Andreas, what kind of errors are you seeing? Can you please make a screenshot of the error?
What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you check for the exact version number in Help > About?

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Hey Paul,

thank You for the quick reply. Hope you can work with the German error message.

I developed another problem, too. Some of my emails in my account disapeared, they are still online and in the Windows 8 app

Thank yopu for your help.



I forgot the Version. It is 6.0.21040.0.

Thank You

Hi again Andreas, can you please try to update your application to this release, and check if the issue persists? If it does, once the error occurs, please switch to the “Log” tab in Operations, copy the content of the log and post it here on the forum.

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Now the exchange account works, but my account can’t sent messages and the calendar and contacts won’t show up. There isn’t a error message.  The log is quite long.

Sorry for the trouble.

Hi Andreas, if I understand this correctly your Exchange account is now working correctly. If the account has issues while sending… what is the application’s behavior while trying to send the messages?
Are you using any firewall/proxy software on your computer?

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All worked fine in the end. Just had to delete and reenter the account.

Thank you for all the help.