The links for attachments found in received emails do not work. Am I expecting too much?

Is it a link or an attachment? 

Attachments are presented by icons in the header. Hovering or clicking on the icon will give you the option to open or save it. Image attachments are also presented at the end of the email as actual images.

A link is a reference to external content on a web page. Can you maybe give an example of the link that is not working?

I have the same problem. I can receive PGP encrypted emails, but any email attachment file stays encrypted and I cannot access (the file extension is .pgp). See image with an example.
Thank you for your help.

Is this issue only with encrypted messages sent from MS Outlook?

Thanks for your reply. Yes the situation is the following.
At a working place, we have Outlook with the addin from GPG40 to allow email encryption based on GPG. Within Outlook the encryption, sign and attachments works fine. In Android I use R2Mail2 and also works fine.
In EM_Client (I have the full licence including updates) I can receive and send encrypted emails with two limitations:

  • When I receive emails it comes in plain text (no formating)
  • If the received email has an attachment, I cannot open the attachment (the attachment is with file extension pgp as you can see in the image above)

I use EM_Client with all my email accounts for a few years without problems. Only now that I started to use mail encryption (company policy) I can see the emails I receive encrypted but not the attachments,

May be is a question of configuration. Also is the email has some formation (e.g. text in bold) i get only plain text. I have selected PGP/MIME or inline PGP in the config.
The config and setup the EM_Client to work with PGP is very easy.

Thank you for your help.

Update information,

The problem is solved. On Outlook We changed from GPG40 to GPG4win and it works very well with EM_Client.
Within EM_Client I can sent and receive encrypted emails without proble. Supports well MIME and attachments.

It is a great email client!

The only point missing in EM_Client is to support  a key server look up

“The only point missing in EM_Client is to support  a key server look up.”

Yes, and also a key server publisher. I sign my messages but I don’t attach the key, so unless the key is published, the email cannot be verified. And if I want someone to send me an encrypted message, I leave it to them to get my public key from a server. This implementation in eM Client requires that you have to first send the sender you key. Just wastes time.

Actually it would be most useful for eM Client to work with an external key manager (like Kleopatra in GPG4Win) as the implementation in eM Client has some SERIOUS security flaws. Like there is no way to certify a key, so anyone could send you a key (hacked or totally bogus) and eM Client just accepts it a real.

Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you, the Kleopatra functionality would be great.