i joined this forum to raise one question…but the longer i attempt to use this software the more frustrating niggles appear.

why does emclient not handle attachments very well?
and why after refusing to send an attachment - does the draft email hold everything else up - both in and outgoing?

seriously thinking of finding a new client software - this is attrocious

Could you explain a bit more what you mean by " not handle attachments very well", and what errors you are getting?

doesn’t like .zip files , doesn’t like.pdf files - anything bigger than a few MB seems to stall and never get sent. then, all other outbox messages get stuck behind it in the queue

Are you getting any errors? If there are no pop-ups, you can check in Menu > Tools > Operations.

I regularly send zip and pdf files and have never had a problem. Is there maybe a size restriction with your email provider, and these files are larger than what is allowed?

no errors. emclient attempts to send the email then just hangs there.
no. ISP does not have size limit - there was never an issue with this with windows live mail

for the attachments check the speed of your internet connections, than contact your ISP provider and see ir they are blocking attachments / the attachments maybe to large.  if you have large attachments and slow internet it will time out on you.  as far as other emails getting stuck.  they will not go out because they go in order that they entered the outbox.  delete the one holding the rest up and click on refresh and the others will go

Who is your email provider?

I host it myself with exchange server and I use em client

as i’ve already stated above - ISP does not impose any attachment size limits - certainly not one of 20mb!

our broadband is 100Mbps thru virgin and is reliable

if that is the case, than I would have your IT person check you computer because I have 60 MB down and send attachments as large as 30 MB as many times as 3 to 4 times a day and I don’t have any problem