Attachments take a long time to open

It takes minutes to open .pdf, .pps, .wmv, etc. attachments on three different computers I have in my household. It looks as if it saves the attachments although I click on ‘open’. Is there a way to configure the software so it will open attachments as fast as any other mail client? What can I do so that attachments will open instantly?

I presume you have an IMAP e-mail account, since POP3 account don’t have such problem.

On your navigation panel on the left, right click on your IMAP e-mail account -> Property -> Offline -> enable ‘Download message for offline use’ and ‘Include attachments and images’. That should solve the problem. Note you’re required to wait for eM to retrieve everything first. Or else message would still only receive on-the-fly.

Thank you! thank you so much for your advice. I have now no problem opening any attachment and have made eM Client my default e-mail client. Sergio