Attachments problems

Hi there,

I’m fairly new eM Client, I really like it but I keeping running into the same problem with attachments.

For some reason, I cannot see attachments on certain emails? I know the attachments are there, because I can see them if I use a different email client.

If I try to forward these emails on I get the error message saying “It seems you have forgotten the attachments, do you want to forward without attachments”.

Some emails display attachments fine, I don’t understand!

Has anyone else had this issue? Anyone have any idea what I need to do to fix it?


Are these emails from specific senders?

Hi Gary,

I cant be 100%, but I do consistently get this problem with one sender particularly, so It could be.

@davoelliott What is the attachment file type you cannot see when received in EM Client ?, but can see in your other email program.

I just got the email for version 8.1 but no link to actually download the upgrade nor any evidence that it would upgrade EM Client automatically. Curious.

If you click on the Read More button in the email, it takes you to the actual blog entry that has the download link.

I received a sample email from Dave and discovered that the attachment was actually a link to a shared document. Unfortunately he was not seeing the link HTML because he was viewing the message as plain text.

After turning off Read all messages in plain text, he was able to see it.