Attachments Problems Sending and Recieving

Just set up EMC did xfer from Thunderbird and all appeared OK.  However virtually all email attachments cannot be read - the appropriate app is opened but photos and text docs all have zero (0kb) size.  Some older ones in local folders work but testing with a new email shows nothing in sent or recieved.  When viewing the same emails in Tbird attachments appear as normal

Hello Gerry,
does this by any chance happen on a hotmail/outlook account? If so, please check if it’s set up as IMAP or AirSync - I’m afraid we have been having issues with downloading the data from the server on the IMAP settings.
In any way, I recommend going to Tools > Accounts and removing and re-adding the account using the automatic setup.

If this is a different account, please share more information - which version of eM Client are you running, what account does this happen on, how is it set up.

Best regards,

Reloading as suggested solved the problem. Many thanks