Attachments linked to source


We have a scenario where our users attach files from a shared folder. The problem we have discovered is that if someone attaches a file and then continues to compose their email, and at the same time the original source of the file is edited by the time the email is sent the modified version of the document is sent with it.

eg. test scenario;

Make new email.
Attach a file (ie C:\New text document.txt) to the email.
Edit the text document from its original location (C:\New text
document.txt) and not through the attachment icon on the email.
change some contents and save it - over the original file (C:\New text
document.txt). Now send the composed email to yourself.

The attachment that is sent contains the edits to the original file. If
the attachment was copied when it was attached then the sent file would
contain the unedited version of the file.

We did a similar test in Outlook 2010 and this does not happen as it appears that when a document is attached to a message in outlook it is loaded into the temp folder and has no further reference to the original attachment source.

Is this attachment handling behavior of linking to the original source something that you will be looking at changing in the future?


Has anyone got a reply for this?

unfortunately yes this is how eM client handles attachments, and it’s not being processed as an issue.
Hopefully you can manage to use eM client even with this setup.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply. We will work with the end user and see if we can implement a workable procedural process for them instead.