attachments don't download v7.0.30068.0

I set up v7.0.30068.0 with outlook exchange. Attachments show in the body of the message but they cannot be saved or opened. A pop up stating “The attachment cannot be downloaded” is all that happens.  When I open the Default settings for attachments, there are no actions listed nor can I add any.  In much older posts I see users directed to download a file or patch but it is for much older versions.

Don’t use 30068.  Very problematic and pulled by eM Cleint.  Uses 30242-- go here:

Thanks! 30242 seems to have solved the problem. Unfortunately I moved some messages from the exchange server to a local folder with 30068 and it appears the attachments are permanently lost. Ugh.

Did you upgrade or uninstall and reinstall?  If you upgraded, they should be there.  Make sure local folders are showing (menu/tools/settings/general/general).  If you did a clean install, then they are probably gone…

Upgraded. The messages are there and it shows the attachments for each message. The problem is the attachments all show as -0-kb and if opened Adobe or Excel or whatever software its for says the file is corrupt or damaged.

Oh yeah, that makes (unfortunate) sense, as they were copied by the problematic release, which corrupted them.