Attachments do not open, no error message

When I try to open an attachment, it opens the relevant programme (Exel, Word etc) but does not display a file. I just get an empty grey screen within the programme. This happens if I open or if I download first. This is making it impossible to use the client!

EM Version 6.0.24316.0
Windows 10
Office 2016

Hello Rick,
could you please see if your Internet Explorer is up to date? eM Client uses it sometimes to deal with displaying and downloading web content and attachments.
Does this happen with attachments from all your mail accounts or just a specific one?


Hi Olivia

IE is up to date - moreover, it has the box checked for automatic updates.

This problem occurs with Excel only. Word opens in the preview mode (which is fine) and PDFs open without a problem.

I have a gmail which does not tend to receive that kind of attachment. My email is the one that has the problem.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Rick,
have you tried reinstalling Microsoft office? If the issue happens even when you download the attachments, the issue could be there.
Please reinstall and let me know if that solves the issue.