attachments corrupted

Attachments seem to be being corrupted.  We only just installed EM client for the first time and I have problems with 2 messages so far.  

The first one had a 3MB picture attached, but when you open the attachment instead it only shows the tiny signature image from the bottom of the email.  If you export the message to an EML the exported file is only 22KB.

The second message had a PDF attachment but when the message is displayed the attachment extension has been changed to a .p (missing the df). 

Both messages open up fine in Outlook.

Hi Matthew, can you send me the .eml file for more information to

What mail service are you using and what version of eM Client exactly are you currently using?

Can you also make a screenshot of the issue?

Thank you,

Hi Matthew,

This doesn’t sound normal. Do you know whether those 2 e-mails have been sent by someone who is using Apple Mail?

Thank Paul, I have sent the details by email.  Subsequent to my first request I’ve had a number of of additional issues with attachments corrupting, renaming themselves so I’ve sent details of that too.


Hi Paul,  Any update on any of these issues?  


Hi Paul,  Any update on any of these issues?  


Hi Matthew sorry for my belated reply, I believed I’ve sent you an email regarding this issue, did you not get it?

Sorry for the inconvenience,

I am having this problem as well.  I can attach and send files, but the recipients report that they cannot open the attachments and they are corrupted when received.  I can alternatively log into a webmail client and send attachments no problem.  Therefore, I am confident the problem is with the EM Client.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  BTW, this has been occurring with Word, PDF, and Excel files.

Thank you!