Attachments arriving as code from microsoft word?

Having a lot of issues with attachments from em Client.
Microsoft word docs are code when my recipients open any attachments from here.
Reading other threads it appears I need to change something in control panel relating to outlook, can anyone explain how I will do this.  
Always worked well I suspect having issues since recent software updates?

Appreciate any help potentially a simple answer to this

Do you mean the the .doc (or .docx) files you receive as an attachment are not opened correctly by MS Word? Instead of texte, you have symbols?
This is probably related to MIME identification of the attached file.

No when I send an email from eM client to people, the Microsoft word files are just seen as code at there end

OK, it is when you send message.
What is your OS?
It is probably a MIME association of doc document error: origin can be OS information or eMClient itself…

Mitch, can you send me a Word document.

windows 10 home edition