Attachment search functionality.

I’ve read through previous questions on this topic and it appears it was on the to do list over 2 years ago. Is there any plan to still implement this functionality that most email programs already have?

Hi, we still have it under consideration, but I do not promise its implementation anytime soon.


Any update on this? I really want to buy into this client. It looks nice and works well with gmail but there are some features like this one that are really needed. Reading this forum and seeing the multiple people asking for this for over 2 years is disappointing. Are new features normally this slow to get in?

Hello, unfortunately it is not possible to search for email with attachment based on the attachment name, you can only perform a search for emails that include attachments. eM Client searches through the messages header and the attachment name is not included in the message header.


Thats why i switched back to Outlook. I need the ability to search in an attached PDF.

I would like to ask for this once again - any news on it? Maybe V8?

Come on! Attachment name is included in attachment body! Is it really that difficult to made this works? What kind of programmers needs so many years to make one requested  many times function?

Peterb, I agree!!

It could be included in Advanced Search, which has many options including a Yes/No for attachments. It can’t be a huge step to go from Yes/No to Name , surely?

Yes, I agree with you guys. Searching for attachment name and even within attachments (popular formats like PDF, doc, ppt, xls, txt) would be very useful.

Hello, we are currently evaluating this client for company wide deployment, however one of the key functions that we (or most businesses I would guess) perform is searching for attachments… ie. purchase order number, CAD file part numbers, etc.  I would have thought this would be a must for any email client.  I love the way eM functions in every other way, but not having attachments show in the search results is a big deal breaker, sorry.

And another year of waiting, and then another… People lives up to 100 years if they’re very lucky, so I hope my grandchildren will get it. Maybe.

We ended up going with Yahoo small business to host our email, and are using their email clients.  It’s clean, functional, and best of all, includes attachment file names in the search results.  

All said already but I’m going to repeat. Not being able to search for attachments (at least filename) is an absolute dealbreaker for business use. I’ve been using EMclient for a while now and I would have the whole team switch tomorrow from outlook if not for this, but guess the search for the right emailclient continues… shame because I love the rest.