Attachment lost After Copy Mail on Local Directory

Good morning,
I use eMClient version 7.2.36908.0 with a Pro license.
I had this issue:

  1. I have created a new folder on “Local Folder”
  2. Then I moved all the emails from the Inbox folder ( the server provider is Outlook 365 ) to the new local folder
  3. It seems everything is OK but when i tried to open an attachment from an email in the local folder, the attachment was corrupted. It’s the same for all the attachments
  4. I have deleted all the emails on the server so I’m not able to have back my attachments

Is there a way to recover the attachments?
I did the same thing oin two different installation, but I had the same problem.
If you need it, I can send an email with the attacchment damaged.

Thank in advance

Ciro Pernice

Do you have Backups?

Why don’t you send yourself an email with a similar attachment and then copy to the local folder. Then try and open that attachment and see if it has the same issue. If so, try to save the attachment and then compare the two files. Are they the same size? Do they have the same file name including extension? What information (like an error message) do you get?

If you can send messages with attachments to yourself, and read them, then what is different?

Can you copy the defective attachments to a local folder on your computer and open them with the appropriate program (pdf reader, or text viewer, or Word or excel or whatever? Do they appear to remain the proper type of file, in other words, did the file just get renamed?

Thanks Steve,
I did some more checks and i guess there is nothing we can do about it.
The problem occurs in a random way: 80% of attachments si KO, 20% is OK.
I try to download a PDF file from a email: in the mail the size is about 200K, but when i save it on local folder the size is 0 bytes. So these attachments are lost.
It’s a little bit strange: the archiving process went on for about 1 hour and half. No crash, dumps, or errors occured during this time.
Thanks anyway!