Attachment file lockdown

When composing an email after adding attachment and then removing it from attachments list the file is still locked and can’t be deleted(it still can be read and modified).

It is strange, does it happen to all types of attachments? It should work for all attachments except MS Office files.

This was posted almost 10 years ago and it is still an issue. Steps to reproduce:

  • Compose a message and add an attachment, like a spreadsheet file.
  • Open the attachment in the composition window to make sure it’s the right file and the contents are correct. (I always do this with attachments!)
  • Realize that the file is missing something and delete the attachment.
  • Attempt to correct and save the file and get a message that it is open in another application.
  • Save the message to draft and close the composition window and try again with the same result.

The only way to unlock the file is to close eM Client completely.

This doesn’t happen a lot, but it’s extremely annoying when it does.

The fix should be obvious, the program should release the file as soon as the attachment is deleted from the message.

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