Attachment Errors

I’m having issues with Em Client (Free version) and multiple attachments on the email I recieve.

What is happening is that the attachments are scrambling.
Lets say I receive an email with 3 attachments that are PDF files. The file that was PDF #1 gets renamed to PDF #2, the file that was PDF #2 gets renamed to PDF #3, and a random image embedded in the email (like the client’s logo) gets renamed to PDF #1 (with the .pdf extension when the image was a png file) , and the file that was originally PDF #3 gets lost in all this commotion.

Another employee who received the same email through Em Client doesn’t have this problem.

Can anyone assist me with this problem?

Edited: This problem is happening whether I open the PDFs from the email, or save them to a folder on my desktop.

What happens when you view the message attachments using the web interface for your email provider?

SAME ISSUE HERE!!  An email just came in with an attached XLS file - and the usual embedded company logo in sender’s email signature.

In this mail, the logo is NOT DISPLAYING. ( just an empty box with the filename displayed within - filename less the extension)

And when I download the attachment, it comes down as data file of THE LOGO (25kb jpg), but with the filename of the XLS attachment. The actual (1.5mb) XLS attachment is nowhere to be found!

Opening the mail in webmail client it all works perfectly.

running  eM Client  7.2.35595.0

Who is the email provider?