Attached File for Embedded Photo

When I send a message from the Gmail website that has a photo pasted into it and then view that message in the eM Client Sent folder, the photo appears not only in the body of the message (intended) but as an attached file having the name n5h3bsag.png. The Gmail Sent folder shows no attachment - just the in-message photo. Just curious what is happening.

If you paste a photo "inline in the body of the email in Gmail online, “it normally still does show the photo as an attachment as well as pasted inline in the body of the email”. It shows as an attachment “on the right of the subject” as per the 1st screenshot below. It also normally shows the exact same image file name as in the Image.png file name example below that was pasted and sent in Gmail online.

eM Client will then also show that same pasted inline photo also with an attachment showing in the Sent folder “within a few seconds shortly after sending in Gmail online” exactly the same as in the second screenshot below.

However when its received at the recipient end, “the attachment won’t be showing”. Only the pasted inline photo image as in the 3rd example Outlook Inbox screenshot below.

Same goes if the receipient views that send Gmail online image in eM Client Inbox. They won’t see the sent attachment. They only will see the inline photo in the body as in the 4th screenshot below.

(Sent image via Gmail online pasted inline in the body of the email)

(Send Gmail online pasted image showing shortly after in eM Client)

(Received sent image viewed in Outlook online webmail Inbox) - No attachment

(Received sent image viewed in eM Client Outlook account Inbox) - No attachment

@cyberzork, thank you for your very detailed explanation. Now I understand.

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