Associating Categories with specific accounts or common categories that can apply to all accounts within in the eM Client platform.

An enhancement to the current eM Client platform would be to have specific categories associated with specific accounts. Here is an example to help illustrate. I have four accounts, one standard GMAIL account, two Google Apps accounts, and a account. The two Google Apps accounts are for business while the other two are personal accounts. The two business accounts would have different categories associated with them. However, all four accounts could have a set of categories that are common to all accounts, such as “Follow Up.”
This enhancement would take the client platform to a new level of usability.
Based on the understanding that I have received from the eM Support, an enhancement of this nature is matured and placed in the list of forth coming enhancements based on the eM Client user community. If you find that this is valuable or could be of value, then make it as such.