Hi all. I am new to eM and trying it out at the moment having used Thunderbird for many years. I have to say I am somewhat pleased finding it a nice looking and efficient programme if a little pricey for the paid subscription. I was wondering how you all find the free vs paid version. Also in the save mail option I can save to a folder on my pc but cannot change the file name as I can in Thunderbird. Is there a way around this or will I have to save to a folder then go and change the file name.

Your kind assistance would be appreciated.


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one difference with the free version is that the number of accounts is limited to two.
About renaming: this means renaming the folder - correctly understood? You can move a mail to a different folder and create a new folder in that folder and enter the new/different name. Or another possibility is: mark the already existing folder, right click and there on the option rename and enter the new name.

The Pro License also comes with unlimited translations, as well as access to VIP support directly from eM Client. But it is actually not that expensive. It is one of the cheapest paid email clients out there. There are no monthly subscriptions as the eM Client Pro License is a one-off payment and is valid for life.

When you use the Save As option for a single message, you will be able to rename it just like with any save dialogue. For a conversation, or multiple messages, they will be saved in the directory of choice using the format date + subject for the name. 

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Thanks for the replies.
I am still not clear on the save as bit. When I try to save I am offered a single dialogue box " folder" which allows me to select a folder but not name the file. In Thunderbird I can select folder, file name and file type so I can change a file name to whatever I please.


let me get this straight - do you want to save a mail? Then mark mail, right mouse button and save as, then folder name - create, name and save mail in it. This mail (name.eml) can be renamed. So I can also do it in Thunderbird.

This is because you are using conversations. The list is not a list of messages, but a list of conversations. 

To save the individual message, and be able to name it, right click on the message header (1) and choose Save As (2).

If you want to save the whole conversation (even if it only has a single message in it) right click on the conversation (3) and choose Save As (4).

Huber, I think the point is that when you right-click in the message list (3 above), you cannot name the eml file. Just select the directory where to save it.

If you right-click on the message header in the preview pane (1 above), you can select the eml file name at the time you save it.

Hi, Gary,
that’s right - one step less ;>)- Great.

Hi Huber and Gary,

Thank you for your kind assistance in solving my problem.