asking for password for imap

password incorrect

First check that you have the correct password.

If that is not working, then check your account settings in Menu > Tools > Accounts. Click on the IMAP tab and make sure you have one of the following combinations:

Port 993 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
Port 143 = Use SSL/TLS if available

The password is correct. I have used eM Client for seven years both purchasing and renewing. I am currently using the password on both eM Client and Gmail. The ports are configured correctly. Your customer service is a disappointment and generates considerable reconsideration. I am a 25-year IT professional and find this experience untenable. Good bye. 

How do you know his password is correct? Is this some mystical ability you have developed in your 25 years in IT? I must have been sick the day they taught that. :wink:

Deerjohn, this is a community forum. That means that questions and comments here are from users, not eM Client Support. if you are having issues with eM Client staff, as a Pro License user it would be better for you to open a support ticket directly with eM Client and discuss those issues using that medium rather than make such comments here. 

eM Client Support do guarantee 24 hour response during working days and their support is excellent. As a 35 year veteran of IT, I find them to be professional and certainly more helpful than some major software vendors.

Gary you apparently do not know what it going on. I am the generator of this access request and I can assure you that I do indeed know what my password is. If you do not want me to respond then do not make ignorant statements. It appears that your 35 years in the business is worth much less than mine. Do not contact me again by any measure if you do not want responses. I shall not disappoint since we have enough like you in the White House. Happy New Year and good bye again. 

So you are Fred Tomokiyo then? Sorry Fred.

I thought that another user was somehow clairvoyant and knew that your password was correct. Can’t understand why you are posting under two separate identities though, which could account for my confusion.

Your first post simply said “password incorrect”. No explanation, nothing. I had no idea what you meant, so my first suggestion was to check that the password is correct. A typical support response to a vague question.