Asian characters in Subject line

When typing Chinese emails using Google Chinese Input, only the message body accepts Chinese characters, not the subject line. Unicode issue?

Could you try using Chinese keyboard and also ctrl + c and v method in both text and subject field?


Ctrl c and v works. But it would obviously be much preferable to type Chinese text directly into the field as can be done with the message body. This is especially true with the email recipient field since some contact names are only in Chinese.

and if you can switch your windows keyboard to Chinese is it working?


The language bar in the taskbar says I am using the Chinese keyboard, but only English letters appear when actually typing. There are no options to select a Chinese character.

Problem is that software you are using is difficult to use as I was unable to find English version, perhaps if it exists and you can point me to it I will be able to provide more complex investigation of this issue and better help.


The same problem can be duplicated using Chinese Simplifed Quanpin input that comes with Windows 7. I have uploaded 3 screenshots. As you can see, the chinese input works fine in the message body. In the Subject and To fields, the box that allows you to select Chinese characters is not activated and only letters can be typed.

I’m really sorry for the late reply,
another user just reported the same issue with Chinese input, I reported the issue to developers and we’ll be working on a fix (however it might take some time).

I hope you understand and you manage to use the application with the current settings.

Thank you,


Hello there, I am having the same problem, too, with the subject line, and have to rely on crtl c & v.  Is there is solution to this after 4 years?