I am getting this error just on the calander - everything else seems fine.
eM Client (6.0.24432.0)
Windows: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0, Framework: 4.0.30319.42000
I updated to the latest version eM Client 7.0.24859.1 hoping that would help but I see the same error. ANy ideas? - thanks - Ray

I also received this error in the calendar using version 7.  I backed down to version 6 and it seems to be working again.  Too bad because I REALLY liked the version 7 features.

I am having the same problem

EDIT: Do a Check For Updates, they already patched it.

Orig: I think it can’t handle leap year.  I can’t use my calendar at all now.  I’m using V6.

I get it too.   

I have the same problem…With me it is all the time when I switch to month calendar

They patched it in an update.  Go to Help -> Check for Update

I already have the latest update, no new one available (7.0.24859.1)

Ohhh they patched 6 but not 7.  Odd thing to do.

I hope they patch the 7 quickly, I just got used to the new interface…:slight_smile:


Ok, I found the solution in the Beta announcement. Here is an update to download and it fixed the month calendar.