Are you going to add a whitelist feature that sends all non-contact emails to junk? If so, when.Thanks.



There will be no whitelist for contacts as it is known form other client (only for automatic attachments download), because this can be done already.

Tools - Rules:
Apply custom rule on message I receive - next - next - move to folder (click on folder in Rule preview and select Junk) - next - except from people (click on people in Rule preview and click on contacts then add them all.

this will send all emails from non contacts to junk.


This misses the point of a contact based whitelist.
What happens when you add a new contact?

Contacts in your contact list/s should has all things in emails downloaded automatically.


Can you try that reply again please, it’s a bit garbled!

This is a major flaw in an otherwise great program. Other programs will automatically add new contacts to the whitelist but with EM client, after you create the rule,you must manually go through the process of adding the new email address to the rule every time you get a new contact.

I am sorry, I was confused a bit when I was responding before (I have responded to something other that is original topic of this thread).

Unfortunately I have to say that yes, we will not have whitelist for contacts anytime soon because we have to focus on other features and issues at this moment.


You know … I’m confused. Why would ANY email client have been conceived from the ground up to not whitelist contacts?  Isn’t that part of the reason for adding an email address to your contacts … so that those email’s will not go to a JUNK folder? I have the same issue with valid email from some of my valid contacts falling into the JUNK folder. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Hi, having such feature included in eM Client would make people wanting to contact you almost impossible, as each time someone new, note this might be a potential customer if you have a business etc., wants to send you a message, you would never be able to view this message.

This is not considered a wanted feature for most customers.

Instead we chose to block the external content as it might harm your computer when receiving junk messages. The external content can be automatically blocked or displayed for whitelisted contacts or your contacts, and we leave the junk filtering to your mail server, as having the mail properly sorted requires having the message filtered as soon as it is received by the server.

So you don’t have to have the spam filter on each of your devices.


This is nonsense, all that happens is the first email ends up in the junk folder. The lack of this feature means I don’t use my copy of em Client even though I have paid for it.

Hi Jeff, can you please be a bit more specific, not completely sure what you’re referring to…

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“having such feature included in eM Client would make people wanting to contact you almost impossible”
Paul, I wasn’t implying that all email besides the ‘whitelist’ shoul go to the junk folder. All I’m saying is that an email from a known contact (i.e., whitelist) should “never” go to the Junk folder. I may have not been clear in my original note.

The original topic suggest a feature that would send all emails from non-whitelisted people to Junk, this is as I described really an unwanted feature for us. If your server filters one of your contacts as SPAM, I’m unfortunately unsure that the suggested whitelist feature would disable such behavior, as server SPAM filters act independently of eM Client.

If your junk filter is moving your contact’s messages to the spam folder, I believe it would be better to report this issue to the mail server support, as this would be an unwanted behavior.

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We seem to be going round the houses here. In Microsoft Outlook you can have a whitelist and automatically include everybody in your address book by ticking a box. Any new contacts then get automatically added. Email from anybody not on the whitelist or in your address book is then sent to junk. Surely that’s pretty standard? It’s absolutely essential for me!