Are there plans to sync with Google Reminders?

Google recently introduced “Google Reminders”. These reminders sit in the all day section of Google calendar and can also tie in with other Google products like Google Keep. There are NOT reminders associated with calendar appointments.

Are there plans to integrate these with eM Client? It would be super handy!

I would also appreciate google reminders support.

unfortunately, since Google provides no API for this feature there is no way for us to adapt or support it.


Mailbird can do this, so why not EM CLIENT ?

Me too.  I have started using Google Reminders as well as the original Google Events because the reminders are not tied to a particular time zone.  But I do not see the reminders calendar in em Client. This would be very useful.

Another me too.  I just discovered this today.  On my Android phone, when I add to my Google calendar, I’m given a choice of Goal, Reminder or Event.  Events sync to eM Client without an issue.  I haven’t tried a Goal yet, but I just added a test reminder.  That reminder shows up on Google Calendar on the web, in the Reminders folder, but not in eM Client.  Tasks that I’ve added through the Agenda column in eM Client show up in the Tasks folder on Google Calendar.  So it looks like only Google Reminders are not getting synced to eM Client.

Olivia, have you tried simply subscribing to the Reminders folder?

I would also use google reminders if it was supported