are there any release notes for 4.0.15010.0?

just got update notification

always good to know what changed, but I can’t find any release notes anywhere, is there a link somewhere, or do we need to install and see?

here is the list:


  • Several fixes for Google Contacts and Google Calendar.
  • Several fixes and workarounds for rare IMAP servers.
  • Improved reporting XMPP connection errors.
  • Fixed mail imports and exports for items with very long subjects.
  • Don’t open Facebook chat window when sending a message directly from Facebook website.
  • Reply on outgoing messages now preserves recipients.
  • Fixed input of Polish characters (AlrGr+A).
  • Fixed line breaks in text pasted from IE9.
  • Fixed composition of plain text messages with format=flowed.
  • Fixed drag and drop confirmation for moving folders.
  • Speed improvements of Google Calendar and Google Contacts synchronization.
  • Fixed undelete on Google Calendar.
  • Fixed round-tripping of custom reminders and colors on Google Calendar.
  • Fixed several IMAP crashes related to the new compression feature.
  • Fixed rare hang in IMAP code.
  • Added workaround for invalid UIDVALIDITY values returned by IMAP server.
  • Added warning against storing database on network drives.
  • Improvements to CSV and Thunderbird import.


  • Support for events with very short and no duration.
  • Localizations updated.

Thank you for the list.
I think it is good : “Don’t open Facebook chat window when sending a message directly from Facebook website.”

I did not tested yet.

I forgot to tell, about the pop up facebook windows, I think that the words “Contact is…” is not necessary, as there is the name of person who is on live.
Just the name and the words “is connected” should be enough.


Are you planning to release a version that doesn’t double space signatures in replies?

Thank you.