Are my mails on gmail deleted?

Wanted to try eM Client on my gmail account. I installed eM client and linked it to gmail account. When eM client started importing, I looked at the lay-out of eM client and decided that this is not what I needed right now. I closed eM client and deleted the program.  
When I now go back to gmail I notice that most of my mails are not there anymore. Where did they go to? Are they deleted by eM client?
Can I get them back? These mails are important to me!
Hope someone can help me out and make my mails in gmail visible again.

How did you configure your account in eM Client? Was it setup as IMAP or POP3?

Where were you importing the emails from? Was that from another email client?

Did you look in the All Mail folder in your GMail web interface? They might be there.

I did not configure eM Client. I was asked to which account to link to it and I indicated the gmail account. I had to enter the password and eM client started synchronizing.
I just looked at the All mail account, and yes it seems they are there. :-))
eM client seems to have changed the status of the mails (read/unread/labels?), but as far as I can see now, they were not deleted! Thanks a lot! I froze when I thought everything was gone.

OK I understand. eM Client setup your account as IMAP and I think maybe when you aborted the sync, it may have somehow altered the labels. I am sure that is not normal behaviour. Usually, if the sync is allowed to complete, eM Client offers an exact copy of what is in GMail, including retaining the labels.

Anyway, glad you still have everything.