Are emClient team/servers ever in possession of client gmail data (credentials, contacts, email, statistics etc)

Question for emClient team.
Gmail messages ‘read by human third parties’

emClient has “Read, send, delete, and manage your email” and I understand the need to. My question is:
Does any (part of) of my gmail data flow thru any emClient controlled servers? In other words, excluding the emClient license checking, is the communication between emClient purely between my desktop emClient and gmail/google servers (via my ISP), or does any part of my gmail data make it to any other 3rd party servers (such as emClient controlled servers)? This includes any activity logs or metadata or statistics or caching/search-index or encrypted data related to my gmail. Also, if not at present, have they in the past?

I request an answer that is definitive, and not “Not to my knowledge”. The privacy policy does not explicitly address this.

eM Client staff don’t regularly participate in this forum, but maybe they will see this and give an official response.

I don’t use eM Client with a Google account, but I have previously setup a GMail account on a test machine. My impression was that the 0Auth permission is for the application to access your data, not the company. So as Google said, they cannot access your messages because you haven’t “explicitly granted permission to access email”.

You probably won’t be satisfied with my next comment, but after discussing something similar with an eM Client employee, I am satisfied that they do not have access to user data.

the definitive answer is no, your email data (or any other users’ data) never go through our server and the eM Client team does not and never had any access to it. All account data and messages are always stored only locally in your eM Client database, never uploaded to us. 

The permissions work the exact way Gary describes - the permissions are for the desktop application installed in your device only, so you can check your messages through eM Client installed on your device. No other installation nor our server or anyone in our company gets access to your account - that is the very point of the oAuth authentication.

Thank you for your interest and I hope this reply is satisfactory.

Have a wonderful day.


Appreciate the response.
Glad to hear.
Did I miss this on your website? If yes, can I get a link for my reference? If it is not explicitly called out on your website, can I request you put this out publicly? I would imagine potential clients want to read this to get assurance. 

There is no such explicit statement on our website, but we describe all the data we do store in our Privacy policy and in the End user license agreement (available during installation)   which you both agree to when installing the program and registering/buying a license.

I will forward your request to our team and see if this can perhaps be added to FAQ or another part of the website.