archiving sent email

archiving sent email not shown in archive’s sent folder. 
using gmail with IMAP.
after archiving, the sent emails are shown in All Mail. and the Sent folder is blank.

no comment on this problem?

Jay Ogram who usually comments on GMail accounts has not been active on this forum for a while due to other commitments. Hopefully other GMail users will eventually step up to fill the gap.

If you go to the web interface for your GMail account, are the messages in the archive folder? If they are, it could just be a corrupted cache in eM Client. Removing the account from eM Client, then adding it again should fix that.

The Gmail web interface has no archive folder.
Other observations:

  1. The archive has a Gmail section, and an Inbox Section. The Gmail has subfolders All Mail, Important, and Sent. the All Mail seems to contain only Alias emails sent from Alias account.the Sent folder is empty,
    2 The Inbox contains archived emails including sent emails from Alias account.
  2. In the Gmail web interface, the Inbox and Sent folder matches the emclient current Inbox and Sent folders.
    But the All Mail folders are different. emclient does not include the archived emails, but in Gmail web interface, the archived emails are still there.
    i am confused how to understand this concept of archiving with an IMAP account.

I will try to remove the account, but when i return from overseas. Might be away few months.

The GMail settings in the web interface allow you to specify which folders are visible in the IMAP client. Can you check in Settings > Labels if all the necessary folders are selected for IMAP.

All are checked Show in IMAP except Chats and Spam.
In Show in label list column, only Starred, Sent and Drafts are set “show”, the others are “hide”.

Sorry Erwin, that is about all I have as I am not a regular GMail user.

Hopefully someone who does use that provider will comment further.

thanks anyway for your info