Archiving like Thunderbird


I have just migrated from Thunderbird to em Client, but I cannot find any way to archive my emails properly like thunderbird feature. For now, I have to move each emails to the archive folder which is very very annoying when you have a lot of emails received every days as professional.

I’m sure i’ve missed something because such feature is essential.

Thus, I’ve check very old threads about that and expect this feature is available in 2020.

So is there anybody that can help me to find the right and quickest way to archive emails like in Thunderbird (such as per years). The MOVE TO feature is totally useless.


My experience is that my ARCHIVE Folder after considerable use and inclusion of valuable information simply disappeared.  I was never able to locate nor recover the folder.

My solution:  Set up a new folder, MISCELLANY, to serve the same function as the old now non-existant ARCHIVE.  11 months and counting.


To reply to your specifics:

Have you tried to use the Basic Window’s Key presses:

CONTROL held, while CLICKING specific emails, then selecting what you want eM Client to do with the highlighted items?

Or, PRESS AND HOLD the SHIFT KEY to select groups of items?