Archiving Does Not Work

I have set up Archiving to archive messages over 1 day old, automatically. It is not doing that, and won’t archive even when I manually try to start archiving. POP account from an Exchange server, set to delete messages from the server after 7 days.

Did you set an archiving scope for the particular account?

That’s at least 2 people with same issue! How now to set up archiving scope as we both seem to have gone the obvious route?

Open Tools - Settings - Mail -Automatic Archiving and select a folder in the Account preferences area in the column “Scope”.

Thank you George but I found I needed to slightly stretch your solution . . . If for the chosen account the column headed Scope shows None, click on None to display drop-down folder options.

There is no column “Scope” - oops, there is an ‘Archiving Scope’ column that only a computer geek would think was clickable!

Then click Perform then Apply then click Send and Receive All


Strange, do you have any messages older than the number of days you set?

I’ve had the account for 15+ years and have email from the 1990’s. I figure that’s older than the 21 days…

OK, then contact me at - I will send you detailed instructions.

I’m a computer geek and I had no idea that was clickable. This was 2 years ago and you still haven’t fixed the UI!?