Archives too big!!

I’ve been using emclient (v7 now) for a few years, since OL13 was driving me crazy.  Win7 on a 300gb laptop.

Right now, my local folders mail_data.dat is 22.8gb and my archive mail_data.dat is 26.8gb.  My main profile mail_data.dat is 11.0gb.

Why are these so big? 

My archive and local folders .dat files are HUGE and get bigger literally by the day - in gb increments.  To the point where they use all the available space on my HDD and stop my machine from functioning.  

For instance, a typical situation:

  • Win7 stops b/c it runs out of room and emclient crashes.

  • I move random large files from video projects off the drive to an external drive in order to make room, freeing up, say, 10gb. A reasonable amount of space.

  • Reboot the computer, start emclient

  • emclient goes into “database integrity check” mode and stays there for a while

  • emclient crashes in “database integrity check” mode and the computer has run out of drive space again.

I feel as though the ARCHIVE settings are creating duplicates and then duplicates of the dupes etc, in some sort of feedback loop, but can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong.

My archives go back to 2011 and I can’t imagine that there’s THAT much data involved.  Eudora (my old client, prior to Outlook) used to store a decade’s worth of email in a MUCH smaller database.