Archived emails are not being deleted from server

I am reaching the limit of my Exchange server’s capacity to retain emails. I have set eM Client to delete emails on server when archived, but it’s not deleting them. What can I do? This question seems to have been asked many times but never actually answered.

I guess it may depend on where the messages are being archived to. In Gmail for example, the archive feature does not remove the messages from the server, it simply moves them to another folder.

eM Client has a feature called Automatic Archiving, the purpose of which is to reduce server storage by moving the messages from the server to local storage. Is this what is not working for you?

Yes, I have ranked this feature but I’m still getting space warnings from the server.

Not sure what ranked means, must be Austrayan. :wink:

Can you confirm if you have an Archive folder set in eM Client displayed below your other accounts?

I have this problem to.  This was working & stopped 1 April 2019.
& yes this is automagic archiving .  Works in emClient itself to archive directory just does not delete on the .live account