Does Archiving erase files off the server. I would like to archive my files so that EM Client doesn’t always have to load thousands of files however i do not want to remove them from my server. Is there a way to do this? I use gmail and don’t to remove any emails from my actual account.


Hi, if you’re using gmail and have the All Mail folder visible, you should be able to archive your message using the online archiving button visible in your inbox. Messages using this archiving option will be moved to your All Mail (Archive) folder, as eM Client is only synchronizing your subfolders when you open the subfolder you should not be forced to synchronize all your emails with the client.

Using the automatic archiving feature in eM Client would remove the message from the server and save it locally, this feature however is mostly for old pop accounts that require more disk space than what is available on the mail server.

Hope this helps,