Archive What is Already in My eM Client Local Database

When I try to research archiving for eM Client, all I see are instructions for archiving off the WEB server(s). What about archiving from my local database? I work with an individual who has over 100,000 emails just from ONE year. (Granted, most are junk, but he does not have time to go through most of them manually.) When he started with eM Client, we only imported about one month of emails, and the program worked very quickly. Now it takes 10 minutes to do a single search. This is not acceptable.

I see that we can export emails to individual .eml files, but is there any way to automate this by setting a date rule, like “anything newer than (some date)” or  “older than (some date)” - and after exporting, to delete the very same emails from the eM Client database?

The reason a solution to the prior question is all that we need is that there is a very good third-party program (MailStore Home) designed specifically for storing archives of email with a fantastic search function that works in 20 seconds or less on the exact same number of emails (over 100,000). Unfortunately, this program has no interface with eM Client, only with Outlook and Thunderbird. However, it can import a folder of .eml files, and it is smart enough not to create duplicates or import the same email twice. (The program works nicely with Microsoft Outlook to copy and even delete Outlook emails; it can copy directly from Thunderbird but you must take another step or two within Thunderbird to delete them automatically.)

The issue, then, is entirely on the eM Client side. How do we automate copying and removing eM Client emails - or how can we reach the same objectives in another way?

The objectives are:

  1. Fast performance - at least for searching emails that are less than 3 months old - regardless of the total number of emails or size of the database(s).

  2. Long-term storage of old emails.

  3. Automation of any steps needed to achieve Numbers 1 and 2 above.

Thanks for any ideas, help or suggestions.