archive: sent messages

My achived “sent” messages are listed by sender (i.e. me!) and not by recipient, so it’s very difficult to identify what they are, and I can’t sort them by “to” as I can in my local “sent” folder.

Hi,To edit the columns you want to see, please right-click any of the column headers and select “column configuration”, you can then add “To” to the list of displayed columns.

Hi David:
when I select “column configuration” for the archive sent folder, “to” doesn’t appear in the available columns. I then tried “apply column configuration to other folders”, using the normal sent folder, but that didn’t work. How can I add “to”?

Can you try turning off conversations in Menu - View - Conversations - Disable conversations and see if you can add the “To” column then?

That works. Still not as good as the normal sent folder, as all messages are still listed by sender, so when sorted by “sent” I can’t see who I’ve sent messages to unless I click on each message,which is not very helpful. Why is it different?

Ahah! With conversations off, “apply current configuration to other folders” works! Sorted, I think.