archive please!

Is there any plan to support archiving for windows outlook? Can we please have a button to archive our email? Or a key command?

Archiving is already an option in eM Client. You can setup Automatic Archiving in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Automatic Archiving. This is primarily aimed at IMAP accounts, but will also work with local accounts.

There is a shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A which will manually archive IMAP accounts.

It needs support for outlook though. The fact I can not use a keyboard to archive an email and must dig through a context menu for every mail or physically drag it over is nonsense. Auto archiving for busy people is garbage. 

Archiving in eM Client is very similar to Outlook, though you cannot specify a separate database or pst file like you can in Outlook.

Actually, Automatic Archiving is especially useful for busy people. You just set the parameters once, and never have to do anything again. It all takes place automatically in the background.

I just downloaded eM Client to use in place of Outlook 2010 because I had the Auto Archive feature turned off yet every email prior to July 1 just recently disappeared from Outlook. Deleted email folder is empty and there is no archive folder to be found. When checking to make sure I don’t have auto archive turned on with eM Client I am unable to locate the option following the instructions found here. Any help would be great. I cannot lose my email again. Thank you and sorry if this is being entered in the wrong place.

Go to menu/tools/settings/mail/automatic archiving.  Uncheck “Enable auto archiving”

Ok. Now I found it. Thanks. I’m not great with technology.