Archive now (press key a), and define custom archive folder

The eM Client is great, but as I have moved from Thunderbird I am missing some archive fetaures:

a) just select one or multiple messages and press the key a will archive the selected message in the predefined folder, the archive option is always off on my configuration, because I decide once archive or delete for each message.

b) the option to define an alternate archive folder, I dont like to archive to a local folder, what about backup? -> The solution is simple in Thunderbird, I have a local IMAP Account on my NAS and all messages that will be archive will go to the archive folder on that account, the subfolder is the current year.
-> Circumvention: by now I dod this by move the messages manually to this folder.

Thanks for this powerfull eM Client and good job!
Also a big “Ilike” for this “Community-powered support”!!!

regards, Rene

thank you for your suggestions - we will certainly consider them.