Archive function doesn't work for iCloud accounts

It seems to be mentioned a few times but without resolution: Archive function to move a mail to the archive folder doesn’t work for iCloud accounts, the button does not even appear in the toolbar.

Unfortunately as this function is not available for iCloud accounts, the button will not be present.

Well, that’s kinda weird, isn’t it. It’s a button for ‘Move to archive folder’, why it should be available for some accounts only? Is there any way to recreate it, keyboard shortcut maybe? ‘Move to Folder’ button remembers the last used choice but still it is one extra click for something what is usually readily available.

Archive and move to folder are not the same thing. 

OK, then ‘archive’ probably sets some attributes while moving a file too, like on a filesystem? Just thinking, considering how Google handles standards, they maybe ‘invented’ something for Gmail, hiding it under archive button, dunno.
Anyway, is there some workaround, like the keyboard shortcut or some makro or such to achieve the function, would you know?