Archive Folder version 6, lost in version 7

Hi to all!

In version 6 of emclient, i have enabled email archive. But when i have upgraded to version 7, the folder Archive is missing…


I want to test version 7 because version 6 with Exchange give me some problems.

Thanks a lot


Hello Massimo,
there has been a problem with migration of local data in the first version of the BETA which has been fixed in the update.
Please go to C:\Users%windows user account%\AppData\Roaming and delete the BETA’s database - eM Client Preview. (Not the eM Client folder - that is your version 6 database which includes your archive).
Download the BETA 2 from our blog and install it.
Migrate your data from your version 6 database again and all should be migrated correctly.


The support gave me the link to beta v7 just yesterday. I installed and I have lost all my accounts and my local folders !!! WHY DO YOU PROPOSE TO MIGRATE TO BETA7 SINCE YOUR MIGRATION PROCEDURE DOES NOT WORK !!!