Archive feature

As I already said above: coming this Spring.

will it be 32 bit or 64 bit version as before?

The beta version is available for download from the Release History. It is a 32 bit Windows application.

Hey Gary,

I am using Version 8 but am not able to get the archive feature to work with my exchange account. I have shortcuts both for “move to archive” (main shortcut-category) and “archive” (e-mail shortcut-category) but they’re both not working with my exchange account. Nor is the “archive” button above the e-mail. Everything is working fine with my Gmail account.

Can you tell me how to set up this feature? Right now I have to move all my e-mails manually to the archive folder which is very annoying. I’ve actually already tried out thunderbird as an alternative, but I like emclient much better.

Thank you!

The archive button and feature will only be there if the server supports archiving.

There is a button but nothing happens if I click it. And the server should support archiving as it is working with most other e-mail clients. Anything else I can try to fix this?

Who is the email provider?

My university (TU Dresden). They’re operating a Microsoft Exchange e-mail system.