Archive feature

It seems that emclient does not have a an archive button/feature. Yes, it’s there, but only for gmail.That is baffling me as emclient seems to be geared as an outlook replacement. This software can connect to an exchange server but does not have an archive feature.

Local archive: don’t even dare to mention that to me, ewwwww. Useless option for people using CLOUD services such as IMAP and exchange.


Applications that already have archive feature: ios mail, gmail app, inbox by gmail , blue mail, outlook app, MS outlook desktop, thunderbird, and the list goes on! Copy the feature, everyone does it!

I will define the archive button & feature as follows: one click button for an email that will move it to a folder called archive. Essentially it’s a shortcut to move emails. Key factor: one button/ one click.

You already have imap folder mapping features enabled. Why not map the archive button to the archive folder? Outlook for all platforms does this beautifully and so does bluemail for android. Other apps do it but I don’t have much experience with them. 

Summary: create an archive button that you can click once and it will send that email to the archive folder based on the email account where the email is received. So if I click archive button an email located in an exchange inbox, then it will move it to the archive folder mapped and located on the exchange server. 

Crystal clear?


Exactly - or let me define (like Outlook) to which folder the Archive/Backspace button will move the message.

Yes, this is what you need!

I would like this as well, please!

the absence of this feature makes the whole software useless. Going back to thunderbird…

My inbox looks like a graveyard because of this one missing feature. PLEASE! implement this.

Every time I clean up my inbox I open the Thunderbird website to see the latest update history. Nothing is happening there still, but if it ever does, I’m ditching my paid copy of eM Client.

Look, you already have the “Move to folder” menu. Just let me specify a default folder per account and give it a hotkey.

It’s pity they can’t implement this simple feature for years :frowning: I’ve tried this product several times yet I still can’t use it because I need the Archive feature and it is an essential part of my Zero Inbox workflow.

No archiving? That’s what brought me to eM, the feature list shows “Automatic Archiving”. I need something where I can archive older email but still have it accessible and searchable while keeping few messages in my Inbox so the client runs light and fast. Im coming from PostBox which has been hanging on me (application not responding) a lot these days. I also archived a year’s worth of email and it disappeared in PostBox. I need a business grade Windows email client that archives older email. 

I use POP email and have tons of network space to store and make backups of my email and huge attachments. I don’t detach the attachments, they stay in the email messages. It’s simpler to manage (no managemen actually) but my email folders grow to enormous size. 

Found this text in the FAQ


There are two types of archiving: local archiving and server-side archiving.

For local archiving, eM Client contains an Automatic Archiving feature which allows you to download all messages older than a selected number of days from the server and keep them stored on your local drive. These emails can be found in the Archive folder in the program’s left pane, below the accounts folders and Local Folders. You can find this option under Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Automatic Archiving. It is necessary to set Archiving Scope under the Account Preferences section for the archiving to be performed.

Thanks for the info, but with several different email accounts, local archive is NOT what I want. I just want em client to move the email to its respective archive folder.

Yes, make “move to archive” button work for all accounts. I use 6 other email clients (mix of mobile and desktop) and they ALL archive just fine. this is probably a deal breaker for me, unfortunately. I need to actually manage my email which mean lots of deleting and archiving.

Hi everyone,
custom archiving feature is on the list of planned features for eM Client 8.
Thank you for your patience and understanding :slight_smile:


Great! Any idea when 8 is due?

Oh my gosh, please, I hope you’ll release it super soon. As being said, archive option for any IMAP account is must-have. How otherwise I’m supposed to move my e-mails from inbox with a single click? Really looking forward to this feature. Go inbox zero!

I put in a strong vote for sever-side archiving also.  It appears that emClient supports this for Gmail, but not for Microsoft Exchange (or other) hosted email.  This is a big gap that keeps me using Outlook even though I’d like to make emClient my main mail app.

Hi Olivia,

I just went through the trouble of setting up all my email accounts on em client and i have a bunch.  Then I find out no archiving with a button.  hmm…

I guess I will have to stick with Mailbird.  I can’t stomach gmail because of the invasion of privacy and Outlook doesn’t have a universal inbox - so Mailbird even with its very crappy search function will have to suffice.

I was so hopeful your product was the answer.   oh well…  :frowning:

This cannot come soon enough.

Just switching from Outlook. Have 8 email accounts and now have setup over 100 rules to manage the inbox. Have a server space limit, so I’d like to “download off the server” after a period of time. (reading much like the Auto Archive function) but I want the emails to be stored in their “Local Folder” versu a separate archive location. Did I miss something?

No, you did not miss something, Automatic Archiving is exactly what you want as it moves message from the server to a local folder after some time.

If your accounts are setup as POP3, the messages are stored locally anyway, so no need to archive them from the server because they are no longer on the server anyway. In that case Automatic Archiving simply moves the messages to a separate message store in local folders so that they are not mixed up with your current messages.

If your accounts are setup as IMAP or Exchange, all you really have is a type of webmail, where eM Client is simply showing you an image of what is on the server. The Automatic Archive feature will move these messages from the server folders to a separate Archive folder on your computer. Moving them to an archive folder within the IMAP folders does not move them from the server, so that will not help with your server space issue.

For everyone else, eM Client 8 now supports a one-click archive function for any IMAP or Exchange account (not only Gmail). Coming this Spring. :wink:

when exactly? I’ve just spent time setting up 19 email accounts only to find the simple function of archiving is not possible - some of these emails are accessed by others so they need to be archived at a server level, not local - cannot believe this isn’t an option and you are charging for the app too - as many others in the thread will have to download something else. :frowning: