Archive email to specific folder per account

Why not adding a function to archive email to specific folder per account? Like you can set it up in Thunderbird. I really miss that functionality.

For 2 of my email addreses I can’t use the archive button and need to manually move emails to my archive folder. That’s very inconvenient.

Hi Wwwampy,

This is an often requested feature so we’re considering it for the next version of eM Client. I’ll change this topic to “Idea” so other users can comment it.


Great! Love eM Client. 2 lifetime licenses.

Btw, any eta for new release?

Great idea! I was just trawling through the forum to look for something else (custamisable shortcuts), but this is one of my use-cases and I’d love to see the feature implemented!

7.2 is in beta, but there is no ETA.

And it was released today!

:slight_smile: Thank you! Great!

I don’t think there was any changes to the way archiving is handled though.

Oh, I haven’t checked yet… :frowning:

Glad it’s out, but I can’t see any way to change the archive folder…

Obviously 7.2 is not the version it is being considered for then.

I guess it’s not in this version, also after the upgrade I don’t see my list of email addresses in the left sidebar, my contact sidebar is empty too, no calendar list also…!!!

Hi all,

I’d like to inform you that this archive feature is being considered for eM Client version 8.


Uh oh, is version 8 being considered after version 7.2?