Archive deleted messages?

Is there any way to keep my Deleted messages forever ? They seem to go away after a certain amount of time. Thanks.

If you want to keep the messages on the server, switch off the automatic archiving. By design archiving moves all messages older than xx days/weeks (you can specify the period) from the  (IMAP) server to your local folder. You cannot choose to archive your messages and still keep them on the server.

If I want to “archive” messages I save them individually as .eml in the project folder where they belong thematically. They can then be opened by any email client even if emClient should go under.

Sorry, I didn’t quuite understand your question, so forget my non-answer. What I don’t understand is, why you would want to delete messages that you want to keep forever.  The deleted messages should be stored in your trash bin until you empty it. In my other email client I can specify if I want to empty the trash on closing the programme; I don’t find that option in emClient. Other than that your server may have a rule in place to empty the trash cans after a certain period of time. In this case you should inquire there.

iIn V.7, go to menu/tools/settings/general and uncheck “Empty trash on exit”

some servers delete the messages from Trash after certain amount of time (for example Gmail deletes or Trash and Spam messages after 30 days).
If you want to keep these messages I suggest using either a different folder for these messages or save the messages to your local folders before moving them to Trash in your account.