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What version of eM Client are you using?

4.0.15145.0 I downloaded it a few days ago.

Archiving feature is implemented in version 5. For more info click here: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…

Super. I just downloaded version 5 and that is exactly what I was looking for. Another enhancement would be to allow a “Send/Archive” dual action button, since after replying to an email, it is almost always archived immediately, requiring an extra step. The Send/Archive “Option”, would allow the user to send an email and archive the thread immediately.

Great work.

There is no archive button for IMAP accounts? It is simply an automatic archive feature to archieve old messages and only locally. Couldn’t you implement something like in thunderbird, where you can quickly archieve selected messages - and choose to use either a local storage or an archieve folder on the IMAP server?

As an Enterprise user, I was told through email that this feature of “archiving locally or to the GMAIL all file” was implemented. I can’t find ti and working with support to locate it.

eM Client contains two different Archiving features. One reflects Google archiving (when you have selected a Gmail folder new “Archive” button will appear in the main toolbar) and the second one which allows you automatically archive messages from all your accounts. We will consider implementing of Archive button for all accounts.

I asked you to check if you have enabled showing of “All mail” folder in IMAP - did you do that?

I have this enabled, but still don’t seem the button you are stating? Please provide the sequence to perform to realize this feature

Any news on the following requests?

  1. Send/Archive option
  2. Archive IMAP accounts to designated server folder vs. local storage
  3. Archive from Smart Folders “All Inboxes”


From my being an enterprise customer, I have found that the archive functionality has been implemented as stated in this thread. By using GMAIL, you will need to have the “ALL MAIL” set for IMAP in GMAIL. However, when this is done, you will (most likely, I add) receive duplicate new messages and flagged messages in the smart folders for Unread, All Inboxes and within the agenda for flagged messages. I have raised this to support under ticket number 6605 and 6830 and been informed that this is standard behavior for GMAIL and disagreed with this response as of February 18th.

The behavior of the “Archive” button with Goolge Mail does not work in the rquired manner. I used Thunderbird for a logn term now, which functions great with GMail. eM Client produces an additional copy of the message in the “all messages” folder when pressing “Archive” - leading to two instances of this message in the “all messages” folder. I don’t know how this could happen with GMail “label method” (instead of acutally coppying the message “physically” into another IMAP folder). Indeed these two are pointers to the same message because when I delete one of them the message is going to the “deleted” folder and the second copy gets removed with the next IMAP sync from “all messages”.

Additionally it is not the expected Gmail bahavior that when a message gets “deleted” from the inbox it gets also removed from all other label-container. What should be done is to remove the “inbox” label (or the label of whichever folder is currently selected) but preserve all the other labels and of course the main-version in the “all messages” folder. For me it would be acceptable to remove a message completely when it is deleted from the “all messages” folder.

Gmail itself will remove a message only if all labels are removed.

It is the only possible way how to deal with the Gmail messages at the moment.
We will discuss your point regarding deleting messages (removing labels) and will try to fix it.

The point is the deletion. Google has documented the server behavior on IMAP actions. See http://support.google.com/mail/answer…

  • Email moved to the spam folder will be learned to be spam and will be deleted from all other folders (labels removed) after 30 days.

  • Email moved to the trash folder will be removed from all other folders (labels removed) and will be deleted after 30 days.

  • Email moved around in any other folder will only be applied a changed label.

So just think of what you really do with your email:

  • If you delete an email in eM Client it is moved to the folder that has been specified in the account setup for deletions.
    The automatic setup will be the Google trash. Thus, an IMAP deletion action in eM Client is in conformity with Googles behavior. There is no need to change eM Client here. Google treats this a a real deletion within 30 days.

  • If you archive an email this should not be moved to the Google archive folder because it is already there! Any email is initially stored in the archive folder and labeled INBOX when arriving resp. labeled SENT when sent. Archiving in Google means removing the e.g. INBOX label but not really moving the email. In fact, it is deleting the email from the INBOX without (!) moving it to the TRASH.

All that said there is a way to use this behavior in an interessting way:

  • If you set up a user defined folder for deletions in eM Client (e.g. “My trash“), Google will not trigger those move actions as a deletion. Thus, you can in eM Client delete whatever you like. In the Google Archive (All Mails) the mail will still exist. That way you can create an auto-archive behaviour without any special functions.

  • (Remember to setup the same user defined folder for deletions on your other devices!)

  • Optionally set eM Client to clear your non-Google-My-trash-folder after 30 days (Google will not). Only Spam still will be deleted by Google forever within 30 days.

This topic is old… but I think the “archive” button needs an update… so posting here first.
Suggestions if I should post elsewhere welcome.

I think the Archive button should remove the label (folder) you are currently viewing, like it does in Gmail browser view.

eg. I am in a label called “ToDo” and then I do the task in the email, reply or whatever.
I have to go to Mark>dropdown>selected label to remove the label

If I could just hit one button, it would be amazing!

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