"Archive" button

Implement an “Archive” button that would work the same way as in GMail - moving the selected message(s) into designated archive folder.



yeeeeees! It will be perfect

Any news on the progress of an Archive button?

this seems very easy to do? come on guys git r done.

I don’t think this would make it to the version 3.5 which is coming soon. Guess those who need it will need to wait a bit longer.

Gosh I really hope this happens SOON. I’ve been shopping around for a new third-party e-mail client (Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc.) and this is the best one I’ve found… EXCEPT for this issue! Too bad it’s been “in development” for over a year. :frowning:

That is my most wanted feature right now :frowning: I don’t want to delete messages by default, I want to archive them!

Please includesuch feature!


The problem is that right now, although they are “deleted” eM Client doesn’t actually REMOVE the Gmail “Inbox” label, it just adds the “Trash” label. So, as soon as you move any messages out of the Trash (via Gmail), they go straight back into the Inbox.

As a workaround, create a label in Gmail called “Recovered From Trash.” Then (in Gmail) navigate to the Trash, select all messages in the Trash (hopefully you don’t have drafts autosaved to the server in eM Client, or you will have lots of half-finished drafts in your Trash too!), and Move them to the Recovered From Trash folder. Then click on the Recovered folder, and you will see all of your mail items, and it will also display the Inbox label. Don’t panic! Select all of these messages again, and then click More --> Archive. THIS removes the “Inbox” label from the messages; however, they are still in the “Recovered From Trash” folder. Finally, select all of the messages one last time in the “Recovered From Trash” folder, and click Remove Label. Ta-da!

As a side note, BE SURE that you are NOT grouping your Gmail into conversations! If they are, you will restore WAY more e-mails than you intend to.

If anybody knows a simpler workaround, feel free to post!

Archive button is desperately needed. I keep switching back and forth between gmail and EM, because I miss that and automatically searching across all messages. If you want to replace gmail’s web interface for me, then you need both of these functions.

eM Client is a great email client and it will become the best once we have an “Archive” button in it.

this feature is already implemented in our internal version and is almost done. It will be available for beta testing in couple of weeks.

Looking forward to it! Also can we custimise the position of buttons? Would prefer to move the Move to junk out so I just have archive then the new delete button

Looking forward to it! Also can we custimise the position of buttons? Would prefer to move the Move to junk out so I just have archive then the new delete button

I installed the eM Client a few days ago and enjoy using it and agree with the posters above that it needs an “Archive” button. This button would add to what’s already an impressive ability to handle Gmail and Google Apps accounts.

Where’s the archive button? Without it I won’t be able to use emclient. It is a deal breaker. I’m surprised people have been asking for this for 3 years, and it still isn’t done.

I believe it only appears when you’ve selected the inbox of an account. I’ve made a request to have to have it appear when the Smart Folders inbox is selected. Ideally, it would be available from any folder other than the actual “Archive” folder and the program would allow you to set the archive folder to any folder.

Hmmm, I don’t see any archive button at all. When I click “Delete”, it puts it in the trash, but the nice thing about Gmail is that I never delete any email (accept junk, but that goes in a junk folder which I automatically purged). I have found that I can click and drag an email into the “ALL Mail” folder, so that accomplishes the same thing (i.e. it removes it from my inbox without deleting it).

The ideal feature for me, would be to simply map the “Delete” button to the Gmail > All Mail folder, rather than the Gmail > Trash folder.