Archive button not working for IMAP

The Achive button in the top toolbar has no effect. The selected e-mail isn’t move to the Archive folder as I would expect.

I am using an IMAP account.

Is the name of your folder ARCHIVE or ARCHIVES?

I ask this because I just tested the Archive button on my installation and could not find the email. Turns out that I had an Archives folder under my account AND an Archive folder under my local folders. The email I archived was in the Archive folder.

I am using POP3 not IMAP…

Have no clue how the naming got to the way it is, never used archiving in the past.

UPDATE: After renaming Archives to Archive in my account folder list I tested archive again and it still went to the Archive folder in my Local Folder list… SO, is this the way it works for either IMAP or POP3 or just for POP3? No clue… :roll_eyes:

I only have an Archive folder. The button just stopped working at some time. Also tried to readd the account, but that didn’t work.

The funny thing is that it does work on another computer with the same setup. Also, it shows the archive icon, so it does know which folder to use for archives.

This has been discussed before, and it looks like an easy to reproduce bug.

See this link for a workaround: Archives with global buttons

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Thanks for the link! The workaround described by the linked thread works for me.