Archive an email on other than Gmail accounts

Thunderbird has the nice feature that I can archive an email (move it to a predefined folder) with all mail accounts, not just Gmail. Moving the email with a single keyboard shortcut is quick action that speeds up email work quite a lot.
Is this possible in eM client?

you can use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V to quickly move email to selected folder.

To see different shortcuts that you can use for easier use of the application go to Tools > Settings > General > Shortcuts.

Thank you,

Okay, that works somewhat. I have to select the archive folder once, and afterwards I just press enter.
After a restart, I have to select the folder again.
Not ideal, but a workaround I can live with. Any plans to have an option for a permanent archive folder for an account like in Thunderbird?

Not yet, but you could also use Rules for the desired setup, or use automatic archiving which is a feature of eM Client, but that’s stored locally.

Or maybe you can make it a suggestion/idea and if other users agree, we might add it in future releases.

Thank you for pointing this out,