Appointment created using incorrect time

Sequence of events:

  1. Create a new appointment (backed by gmail) at 14:30. Appointment is saved.
  2. Appointment then appears in calendar at 15:30!

I’m based in the UK - is this related to a daylight saving issue?

there were some issues with google timezones (on their side), we workarounded it. What version of eM Client do you use?

I seem to have the same problem. I’m from Germany.
I created an event with weekly recurrance, after October 30th (this year’s date of time change) the event recurs not at 17:45 as planned, but at 16:45.
When I open the Editing window, it displays 17:45, but the calendar overview still says 16:45.
This applies to most of my calendar entries, since I have a lot of recurring events.
Is there a fix for this issue? I use Sync2eM and an Android Smartphone.
Thanks in advance

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Can you please specify what calendar server do you use? We will try to reproduce the issue.

HHi, I’m using your sync2em server and a Sony Ericsson Xperia arc with android OS

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The same problem happens with eM Client 3.5 (Win7) in Lithuania time. (+2 time zone) - the event falls back for 1 hour.

I am also having this problem in the Central time zone in the US. It just started this past week, which makes me think it might be a daylight savings time issue. This past weekend USED to be when the time changed, now it’s next weekend.

Please, send us (to with reference to this topic) the created recurring event and its incorrect instance (right-click at them and choose Save As).

FYI - I think my problem is resolved. For some reason even though I was running XP SP3 with all updates, when synchronizing time to either the MS server or, the time would be set to an hour off of correct. My time zone was set correctly.

I installed a cumulative time zone update from Microsoft dated 2008 and the time now remains correct upon sync. It appears there ave been several patches since then; there is a cumulative patch in 2010 under MS Knowledge base article 979306.

Hope this helps someone else.

There is a definite problem with the timezone or daylight saving with EMClient on Windows 7. If I change the timezone to be 1hr ahead of where it should be then the calendar entries reflect correctly. If I go onto the calendar server web interface then the meeting times are correct. It is only when it arrives in EMClient that the meetings end up 1hr earlier that they should be.

I’ve implemented the MS updates but it does not fix the problem.

Is there any way to adjust the timezone in the settings of EMClient?
I want to roll this out to a client soon but can’t if this is not working.