Applying email # badges to the Junk Folder

Can I set up the Junk Mail folders for my accounts to show the number of emails in those folders, just like what appears on the other folders? Right now, I never know if I have anything in the Junk Mail folders unless I actually click on them.


If you click on the folder, it will display the number of emails in the folder at the top of the email list.

Thanks, but I am looking to not have to click the folder. I want to be able to see how many emails are in the Junk Folder like I do with other folders (Inbox, Trash, Unread, etc.)

I just replied to your ticket George. But for the benefit of others:

This is because by default we don’t sync the Junk folder unless you click on it.

There is a setting you can change that will sync that folder on the regular schedule, which will indicate when there are new messages.

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the IMAP or Exchange tab for that account.
Scroll down to Sync Options.
Select both options and click on Save & Close.


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