applications is not synchronized

We use three computers with installed em-client program, user name 1791419, and the problem is that the applications is not synchronized, that is when an email is sent to one computer the other does not get it, and the reset button doesn’t help. What helps is only to reboot the program.

Then, emails sent from addresses which are not blacklisted keep landing into spam though the spam setting has been checked both in the application and in g-mail service.

One more problem is that when an email is transferred from spam to incoming mail on one computer the other does not show it neither in spam not in the incoming mail, and even after resetting remains in spam.

jueves 09 febrero 2023 :: 2021hrs (UTC +0100)

It is not completely clear what you mean that each computer does not sync with eMC
For the same message to be on each computer this is from the mail server, also each
computer must have identical email address unless you have “catch-all”
You can then use rules to move mail to particular folders.
The frequency of sync will effect the time of display between computers

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